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Health and Life Coaching

for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond

Learn what the top five energy killers are for young moms!

Get the information you need to start improving your energy levels right now with this simple guide!


Hello! I'm Abigail ~ mom, wife, & certified health & life coach.
My mission is to walk along side you through all the stages of motherhood, providing the tools you need to experience vibrant health and reach your full potential.

Pregnancy and postpartum are two of the most life-changing seasons of a woman's life. These days are beautiful and precious, but for the woman who is feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious, or downright sickly, they can be extremely difficult.

Enter health and life coaching! My coaching programs are tailored to the needs of the mama-to-be and the new mama. I am here to help you navigate this precious season of womanhood and enable you to experience vibrant health, amazing relationships, and presence of mind while you soak up the beauty of new life.

Pregnant Woman by Birch

"It was a time in my life where I knew I couldn't go on without making changes to care for myself...

However, this area was a constant discouragement for me due to failure to be consistent. 


Along came Abigail and she was my cheerleader."


Past Coaching Client

Are you...

  • Wanting to prepare your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy?

  • Expecting a baby?

  • In the throws of postpartum, roller-coaster hormones, and baby belly?

  • A seasoned mama wanting to get your body back, your health back, your energy back?


One-on-One Coaching

Success requires an outside perspective - someone to point you in the right direction when you are lost. I'm a ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified health & life coach (through the Health Coach Institute) with the tools to help you experience vibrant health in every season of motherhood!

Group Coaching

Sometimes you need a coach to help you along, but don't need weekly one-on-one sessions. Or maybe you like the camaraderie and accountability of a group. I offer group coaching sessions for people like you!

Free Consultation

Want to explore coaching but not sure if it's the right fit? Schedule a free, zero obligation consultation! Even if we don't end up working together you will be glad you did.

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