5-Minute Full-Body Plank Workout

Some days, getting in a good solid workout can feel like a complete impossibility! We all have full schedules and priorities, and sometimes exercise just doesn’t fit into those priorities!

With families to take care of and errands to run and work to do, it can be really tough to find an extra half hour to sneak away and go for a run or lift some weights.

We still want to stay fit and get out heart pumping and energy levels up on those crazy busy days, though!

How can we fit it in?

The good news is that a good workout can take as little as five minutes! While I don’t think any trainer would recommend only getting in five minutes of exercise a day, even just five minutes is better than nothing… and you’d be amazed at how much you can fatigue the muscles in that short time!

So, here is a nice, quick plank workout that you can crush in just five minutes!

Benefits of the Plank


The plank position has a lot of benefits besides just tightening up your abs! (Although it does do that!)

The plank position requires the use of a lot of the core muscles. As these muscles get stronger, we can see big improvements in posture and balance. (The plank itself is a good exercise in posture and balance!)

Some of the other benefits of the plank are increased flexibility and reduction in low back pain. When the core is strong and tight, we are less likely to experience injuries in all parts of the body. A toned core keeps everything together and in balance.

This workout recruits every major muscle group, so you might feel a bit sore all over later! In the best way!

5-Minute Full-Body Plank Workout

To do this workout, you will hold each position for thirty seconds, before moving into the next position immediately.

Straight arm:

Your starting position. To get into position, lie down on the floor on your stomach. Use your hands and feet to push yourself up into the plank (or pushup) position. Be sure to keep your core tight by pulling your belly button in towards your back. Try to focus on keeping it in the entire time. You can go down to your elbows if you are not comfortable with your hands against the floor.

Knee tuck:

While still in position, slowly and smoothly lift your right foot off the floor and move your knee in towards your chest. Hold for ten seconds; return to starting position and repeat move with your left leg.

Single-leg plank:

From the starting plank position, lift your right foot off the floor and towards the ceiling. Keep your leg as straight as possible and be sure to keep your core tight. Hold your foot up as high as you can for ten seconds. Ease it back down to the floor before repeating the move with your left leg.


From starting position, move from your hands down onto your elbows while keeping your body high and straight. Slowly walk your feet forward (keeping your legs straight) as far as you can, and hold the position for twenty seconds. Walk your feet back and return to starting position.

Alternating leg lifts:

From starting position, lift your right foot off the floor towards the ceiling as high as you can, then immediately return to starting position. Do the same move with the left leg. Repeat motion, alternating legs, for thirty seconds.

Flutter feet:

Keeping your upper body steady and in position, quickly kick your feet up and down, as if you were running in plank position. You can, alternately, move them side to side (plank jumping jacks).

Mountain climbers:

From starting position, get off of your hands and onto your elbows. Quickly move your knees up to your chest, alternating right and left feet, and back again. Continue for thirty seconds.

Side plank:

From starting position, carefully twist your core to raise your right arm up and towards the ceiling. Be sure to keep your body high and tight. Reach your fingers high and hold for ten seconds before returning to starting position. Repeat with your left arm.


This is the same as the side plank, except that you will return to starting position as soon as you get your arm up high. Repeat with other side, and then alternate sides until your thirty seconds is up.

Hip Dips:

From starting position, move from your hands down onto your elbows, keeping your body up high and straight. Slowly twist your hips to the right side and touch the floor with your right hip. Lift back up and repeat on left side. Continue alternating sides for the whole thirty seconds.

So there you have it! A killer workout that you can do in just five minutes. Enjoy!