Bulletproof Coffee

In the last post, I suggested bulletproof as a healthier way to get in your morning coffee. In this article, we will go a little deeper into the benefits of bulletproof.


Energy Increase

You are probably drinking coffee for the energy boost it gives you. By making it bulletproof, you will get even more energy from the combination of caffeine and good, healthy fats. The fat also adds calories, which help to offset the jitters that can happen when drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Brain Boost

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are fats found in foods like coconut oil. These fats have been shown to increase our brain health, helping us to be more alert and sharp.

Fat Loss

Bulletproof coffee is great for anyone trying to lose weight on the ketogenic diet. The fat in the coffee works the same way that added healthy fats in your diet do to help you lose weight, by teaching your body to burn fat rather than sugar as its primary fuel. Of course, you will also need to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and make sure you are actively burning calories if you want to lose weight with your bulletproof regimen.

Stronger Muscles

The good fats in bulletproof help to increase testosterone in the body. For anyone trying to build stronger muscles and burn fat, this is obviously a good thing! It also has the added benefit of giving us that happy sense of wellbeing.

How to Make Your Own Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee.jpg

You can buy bulletproof coffee at coffee shops and elsewhere, but it is super quick and easy to make at home!

Brew your coffee the way you normally would (keeping in mind that the extra ingredients will add to the amount of your final product). Pour the brewed coffee into a blender and add honey to taste (if you aren’t limiting carbs). Add some coconut oil: I use a heaping tablespoonful for about sixteen ounces of coffee. Add butter (about a tablespoon for sixteen ounces).

I like to also put a good dose of heavy cream in mine. It adds even more good fat and also makes it very creamy and delicious! Blend the whole works for several seconds to produce a frothy, creamy, delicious latte substitute that is also good for you!