Change it Up!

Guest Post by DJ Little

God created us; therefore we are intelligent beings! I'm super thankful for that most of the time, but sometimes my body is just to smart for its own good.


Sooo, what am I talking about? Working out!!!!! I truly LOVE lifting weights and speed walking outdoors. I live in North Idaho, so walking outdoors is a VERY short season for me. I have had to make myself use the treadmill, which is not much fun at all!!!! Standing in the same spot for an hour with no change of scenery.....boring!!!!!!

However, cardio is vital to health. So where am I going with all this?

Change!!! If you are a person who does the same thing day in and day out and wonder why you don't look the way you want (by the way, that is the definition of insanity), it's because your body is smart!!! Very smart!

Ways to Change Up Your Lifting Routine

I am a circuit lifter, but not in the traditional sense. I do three sets of ten on three different exercises, then start on another group until I have completed nine groups. Change is hard for me but I notice a huge benefit!

Saturday is my 100s day. I pick three to five exercise and do 100 of each without stopping.  The next day I am usually feeling it, which makes me happy.  Some weeks I skip my circuits and do plyometrics, and some weeks I will lift lighter weight with more reps, or heavier weights with fewer reps.  

Keep Your Body Guessing

It is super important to keep your body guessing; otherwise the transformation stops. No one who works out wants that. You can skip the gym altogether for a week and while you’re out on your walk or run, stop every so often and do push-ups, stop lunges, and stop squat pulses; also throw in a couple creative and change it up!

Take a day off - sounds horrible I know, but sometimes it can be extremely helpful. Cardio is so easy to change up! You can even do cardio while lifting. Between each set of reps, you can jump rope for a minute. May not sound hard, but wow! Jumping rope can be brutal!!

In between sets do burpees. Just don't rest! Keep moving and you can get your cardio while you lift.

If you have children play tag with them - they will totally wear you out!!!

Even with lifting weights, change the lifts regularly. Don't do the same chest routine week in and week out and expect big gains. If you don't like the gym (I simply can't imagine) and like to work out at home, that's great! It saves time and money!!!! At the same time, make sure to switch it up so you will benefit.

Find a Way to Enjoy Moving

I do want to encourage everyone to get out and move, find something you enjoy and do it. I felt pressured into running but I absolutely HATE running! I mean seriously, we have bear, moose, cougar, and wolves where we live....I would rather just curl up in a ball and hope I survive than run from one!!!! I tried to run, really and truly, but it's just not something I like AT ALL!!!!

Don't feel like you have to do some certain form of exercise. Find what YOU like. There is so much out there today, whether you live in the city or country; exercise can be found anywhere and everywhere. Hiking, walking, running, jogging, street biking, off road biking, water skiing or wake boarding, snow skiing or boarding, volleyball, tennis, basketball, tag, soccer, baseball, crossfit… you get the picture.

So find what you like and change it up! You will see faster progress and enjoy the process!


D.J. Little is a Christian wife, homeschool mom, outdoor enthusiast, and Certified Nutritional Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She enjoys simplicity, is passionate about all things health and fitness, is crazy for free weights, and says she has to force herself to do cardio. She can be reached at