Guest Post by DJ Little

This is my all time favorite supplement of all time. If I can only have one favorite, it is chlorophyll.

What is Chlorophyll?

So what in the world is chlorophyll? Basically, it's the green pigment in plants. Plants use chlorophyll and sunlight to get energy. Without chlorophyll the leaves die, making beautiful fall colors and then fall to the ground. Think of a lush jungle, healthy plants and sunshine - a recipe for health!


Chlorophyll will keep your body in a constant state of detoxification. It has the power to block carcinogenic (cancer) damage.  Chlorophyll cleanses the liver and blood, and is also a supplement I put clients on for constipation issues. It can aid in all detoxification processes and sped up healing.

I almost always recommend chlorophyll to all my clients. We live in such a toxic environment, that daily detoxing is just simply essential!

Immune Booster

Our daughter went to Belize on a mission trip last year, and I had her take chlorophyll and activated charcoal with her. She was the only one who did not get sick.


When two of our daughters were burned, I gave them chlorophyll daily to help with the healing and also to help control infection. We have one daughter that gets bloody noses frequently when not taking chlorophyll.

Breathing Aid while Exercising

If you enjoy hiking but find you get short of breath, take a water bottle with liquid chlorophyll in it (with a little stevia if you don't like the taste) and sip on it throughout the hike. You will notice your breathing greatly improves. I take a bottle of chlorophyll and water with me to the gym to drink while on the treadmill.

Listen up, Ladies!

Now here is where I want you ladies to listen up! Guys might want to plug your ears or close your eyes!! :-)

Menstrual Support

So does anyone know how long a lady’s cycle should last? Three to four days. Yes, really just a few days! And the flow should not be considered a flood!

Also, you should not be curled up on the couch wishing for death to come quickly. A menstrual cycle should be just like most other days with a bit of inconvenience. Chlorophyll ladies! I kid you not, it will change your life! If you have severe cycles, take two chlorophyll every day or drink two teaspoons daily with water. I like to put a little stevia in mine and I really enjoy it! Do this daily until your cycles start to improve.

Once you feel your cycle about to start, double your chlorophyll. When your cycle is full on, take as much as you want. I personally take four pills every few hours on day one, which is usually my heaviest. By day two I just drink my normal chlorophyll water.

One of our daughters simply won't take it on a regular basis and has pain and cramping, but she consumes a bottle of chlorophyll pills while on her cycle to keep the pain at bay. I had a client whose cycle would last for three weeks and was heavy for those three weeks. I started her on chlorophyll right away along with Chaste Tree daily. After two months, she was having normal flow and her cycles were lasting five to seven days.

Another client was bed ridden for five days every month; her cycles lasted ten days, and were very heavy and very painful. Poor girl! I also put her on chlorophyll daily along with Chaste Tree, and when I saw her the following month, she just simply could not stop thanking me. She said that was the first time in her life she had ever been able to work and lead a normal life while on her cycle. 

Protection Against Postpartum Hemorrhage

I discovered this wonder supplement ten years ago from one of my midwives, and have been amazed with it ever since. After giving birth I would bleed for six solid weeks, which was miserable! She told me to take chlorophyll as soon as I gave birth; I did and was so surprised. My flow stopped after just two weeks! I really could not believe it! Yee-Haw! I also tend to hemorrhage after giving birth. I have given birth eight times and know my body pretty well. After baby number four, I was introduced to chlorophyll; and as soon as she was born, I started taking the pills and drinking liquid chlorophyll in my water. No more hemorrhaging for me. It has truly been a life changer!


D.J. Little is a Christian wife, homeschool mom, outdoor enthusiast, and Certified Nutritional Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She enjoys simplicity, is passionate about all things health and fitness, is crazy for free weights, and says she has to force herself to do cardio. She can be reached at