Lifestyle and Health Goals

Something I think about a lot is the way so many of us can get on a soapbox about the one thing that we need to eat, drink, or do in order to be healthy and happy. 

It can be tempting to push a specific product or activity or diet or process that has worked well for us, saying it will work for everyone and fix anything and everything.

Unfortunately, being healthy isn’t that easy or simple!

Just like it takes years and many small choices in many different areas of our lives to become who we don’t want to be, so it can take many years of small, consistent, healthy choices - in many different areas - to reach our health and fitness goals. This is especially true if our starting point is a long way from where we want to end up!

We all know that the best musicians and dancers and athletes didn’t get there overnight. Nor did they get there by taking a certain supplement or eating a special diet alone!

Rather, they reached their goals by being extremely consistent in all the areas of life that affect their profession. And it took them a long time to get there! And, “there” is constantly moving farther away - our goals and dreams change and develop over time, and hopefully, even as we reach one milestone, we are looking down the road towards the next!

It just isn’t possible to do one thing and expect to get healthy and fit. The journey of becoming a healthy person, and staying that way, is all about lifestyle. Being consistent in the way we do everything in the day-to-day. 

Sometimes we need to stop focusing only on the end goal, and start enjoying the process. If we want to get in shape, and we start going to the gym for a week and don’t see any results, it is really easy to get discouraged and give up! (Read this post for more on that!)

But if we decide that we want to become a fit person by being the kind of person who exercises consistently, then we are putting the emphasis on the actual exercise rather than on the goal that is still a long way down the road. This can really help with sticking to new habits! And over time, we will start to see our goals getting closer and being reached.

One of the keys to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is just that: lifestyle! Not one product, not one diet, not one special trick, and definitely not some deal where you pay a lot of money to lose twenty pounds in ten days!

Check out this post for more on this topic, and this one for seven things I like to do every day that help me to stay fit and healthy!

And remember, the way you reach your goals is just as important as the goal itself!