The Best Diet on the Market

Guest post by D.J. Little

Diet vs. Lifestyle

Let's talk about the word "diet."  When using the word diet, most people assume someone is looking to shed a few pounds. If all a person is looking to do is to lose a few pounds quickly, they may very well do that using a "diet”; but unfortunately, they will usually gain it back just as quickly with an extra pound or two to boot! So instead of looking for a diet, look for a lifestyle change.

The only way to good health is through what we put into our bodies, also known as "diet."  I want to encourage you to look at your diet as a lifestyle. Want to shed a few pounds and feel great? Then something must change in your current lifestyle. Yes, exercise is great for you, but 75-80% of how you look and feel is going to come from what you put into your mouth!!

Your Unique Lifestyle


If you want to look better and feel better, than you have to stop doing what you’re doing and find what your body does the best. God created us all to be different and unique, and each person will respond differently to food. Some people enjoy and do great on a vegan diet, while others enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle, while still other are fruitatarian… so many varieties of lifestyle.

You may read one book on eating a certain way based on your blood type, or hormones, or genetic background. That's great, but that is not necessarily what is going to work best for you! I have a friend who read the blood type diet and discovered she should be a vegetarian. She tried it and lost a few pounds, but could not stick with it because of her great love of meat.

What is Your Goal?

When considering a lifestyle change, first figure out what your goal is. If your goal is only weight loss, I am afraid to say you probably will not change your lifestyle, but will just go on a short-term diet. If you are tired, or hurting, or have medical issues and are looking to feel better, than a lifestyle change is exactly what is going to help you reach those goals and shed a few pounds also.

Let's consider what you already know your body likes. For example, I personally avoid fruit because the sugar content causes candida in my body, and I get a little abdominal fat that I just don't find flattering or healthy. If you already know your body does great on high protein, then you already know a diet high in protein is going to be something you can stick with long term to reach your goal.

Clean Up Your Eating


Now all you need to do is clean up your eating pattern. What do I mean by "clean up?" Learn what to eat and what to avoid. Sounds simple, but if you are new to eating healthy, it can be a challenge! Learn to eat the foods God made as close to the way He created them as possible.

Let me explain this a little more in detail.

For example, veggies - yup, God made! Meat - yup, God made! Fruit - yup, God made! Boxed food -  no, man made. When shopping, stick to the outer isles of the grocery store: the fruits, veggies and meat sections. Skip the inside isles. Also, try to go easy on fruit, and eat what is in season. It is very easy to overload on sugar with fruit.

There  are God-made foods that can be very allergenic to certain people, so if you change your lifestyle but are still having some health issues, then food intolerance is definitely something to consider and very easy to remedy. You don't need expensive testing, just trial and error.  I will be posting an article on food intolerance and how to determine what foods irritate you, as well as how to resolve the issue.

Remember, we are all unique, and what works great for one person may not be the best lifestyle for you! If your best friend is healthy and fit being on the Dukan diet, that does not mean it's going to be the right one for you also.

So what is the best diet on the market??? The one that you can make into a lifestyle. A lifestyle of clean, healthy, God-made food that you can stick with.


D.J. Little is a Christian wife, homeschool mom, outdoor enthusiast, and Certified Nutritional Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She enjoys simplicity, is passionate about all things health and fitness, is crazy for free weights, and says she has to force herself to do cardio. She can be reached at