Avoiding Toxins

You’ve probably heard a lot about toxins and how they are everywhere and yet should be avoided. It is pretty tricky to stay away from them, especially since everything from our kitchenware to our hand lotion to even some of our food often have harmful substances in them!

What are Toxins?

The word “toxins” has become a bit of a buzzword in the wellness world, but what are toxins, anyway? Simply put, toxins are substances found in our environment that, if they get into our bodies, cause negative effects.

We have an incredible immune system, including a very hard-working liver, that captures and eliminates toxins from our bodies; but in today’s very toxic world, it can be very hard for our bodies to deal with the heavy load. Our fat cells are amazingly created to trap and hold these substances, so that they cannot as easily harm us.

But, despite our bodies’ best efforts, the reality is that if we are allowing too many toxins into our bodies, they will become overloaded and we will suffer the consequences. There are many things that have been linked to toxic overload, from cancer to autism to obesity. Better not to risk it!

Where are Toxins Commonly Found?

Unfortunately, toxins are found pretty much everywhere. Our homes are loaded with them - cleaners, non-stick cookware, body-care products, plastics, fire retardants in carpet and furniture. It certainly feels overwhelming, if not impossible, to avoid them! And if you work with paints or glues or other chemicals, then you are exposed on a regular basis to extra harmful substances.

How Can I Avoid Toxins?

This is a really tough question to answer, and one that will take more than one post to address! So, in the next few posts, we will go into detail with some practicals on how to do this! For now, I will give you a few basic tips. And remember - even if you can’t get rid of your toxic exposure entirely, you can do as much as is possible! A little bit is always better than none at all!

A Few Basic Tips

Start with the big things: use respirator mask whenever you are working with paints or stains or laquers or any other type of strong chemical. Avoid bleach and other strong cleaners. Stay away from tobacco smoke (including second-hand). Don’t eat foods with additives and artificial colors and flavors. Watch out for dangerous ingredients in your body care products (keep in mind that your skin absorbs whatever you put on it!).

We will go over all of this in more detail in the next few posts, so be sure to stay tuned!