What is CBD?

CBD oil has become a really big thing lately. We hear all sorts of stories about all the amazing results people are experiencing using CBD. But there is also a lot of confusion surrounding it! 

For a while, I was really confused about it, too. After all, isn’t hemp and CBD and marajuana all basically the same thing?

Well, the answer is yes it is, and no not at all!

What is CBD? 

CBD (cannabidiol) oil comes from the Cannabaceae family. Within this family are a variety of plants known as hemp. But, most of the time, when “hemp” is referred to, it is specifically the non-psychedelic varieties. (In other words, the varieties of cannabis that are high in CBD and very low in THC).

THC is psychoactive; CBD is not.

So while marijuana is technically related (they are both cannabis), it is not the same: hemp has only a very tiny amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the mind-altering substance in cannabis), but a lot of CBD. Marajuana is high in THC. 

There has been a lot of discussion, with the legalization in some states of marijuana, about its health benefits. But it also has the very dangerous effect of altering the mind, while hemp does not. 

It makes sense then, to use CBD as a health supplement, and stay far away from the cousins with high THC!

Benefits of CBD

Some of the health benefits of CBD are reduction in inflammation, relief from anxiety and pain, and treatment of cancer. It has also been said to have antipsychotic properties (notice the difference here between THC and CBD!).


There is so much confusion and blurring of terminology in the cannabis discussion, so before using any cannabis product, be sure that you know exactly what the product is and what the levels of THC and CBD are. Always make sure that the THC is not at psychotropic levels, and that it is high in CBD. This is why getting straight CBD is probably always safer than using a cannabis plant.

It is amazing to see plants do so many amazing things in our bodies! We need to be informed and aware of what is safe and available, so that we can take advantage of the natural medicines God has given us!