What Should I Drink?

Guest Post by DJ Little

Is what you drink really important? YES!!!! There are three main reasons to consider what we are drinking: health, weight, and hydration.


"What you eat and drink today is what you wear tomorrow."

Energy Drinks


I think it is easiest to start with the energy drinks that have flooded the market. I have not read all labels on all energy drinks, but I have read many of them. My daughters are in search of a "healthy" energy drink: therefore, I am brought many to review, but not one would I dare to put in my body! Most are actually outlawed in other countries because of the harm they cause to the human body.

After consuming an energy drink, you hit a high and then a low. This is not good for our bodies. Our blood sugar needs to stay at a more level state for optimal health. As it rises and falls many times throughout the day, you are setting the stage for disease.

Anyone heard of diabetes? Diabetes is not the only disease you’re setting yourself up for; it just one that most people have heard of. You are also possibly creating leptin resistance, damaging your metabolism, liver, kidneys, etc...you get the point

Fruit Juice


So you may say ok, I don't drink energy drinks. I am good and only drink water and juice. Well, that’s definitely a step in the right direction! However, fruit juice is like drinking sugar water. The fiber has been stripped out and all that is left is the sugar and some vitamins and mineral (which would be more beneficial in their whole food form). Your breakfast orange juice is causing a HUGE spike in your blood sugar, just like the energy drink. It is also feeding disease with all its yummy sugar. Yes, even though its sugar is from a fruit, it is still sugar, and still feeds disease in the body.

So you may be thinking well, what am I supposed to drink to nourish my body? There are so many wonderful choices! WATER! yeah, that may not appeal to many of you, but try adding some lemon/lime and a bit of stevia. I love Chlorophyll in my water with a bit of stevia. Not only am I detoxing and nourishing my body, but it also tastes great!! Mint water is also great, especially if you live in a hot climate. Herbal teas are a great choice, as well as coffee, green juice, and green powders.



Many people drink over 1000 calories a day. If you are wanting to lose weight, you must consider everything you put in your mouth, including drinks!!! Coffee is a great drink when you leave out all the sugary syrups, or "sugar free" syrups. It is 0 calories by itself, but when you choose to "flavor" it up, you add as many as 400 calories per drink. Wow!!!! That's insane! For me that is 1/3 of my calories for a day… definitely not going to work for weight loss or health!

Try some herbal tea with a splash of stevia. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and tickle your tastebuds. And again, WATER! Yup, there it is again...so simple, yet so overlooked.


What to Drink_ (4).jpg

Ok, here is a big shocker....WATER! Wow, bet you were not expecting that one. Seriously though, water is your best option. Flavor it up so that you will enjoy it, and drink it up!!! I love the root beer flavored stevia drops - they are a life saver for me. There are many flavors of stevia you can use in your water. Try the peach/mango...it's delightful. On occasion, just for fun, I will take carbonated water with my root beer stevia drops, and wow! It's soooo good! Throw a little heavy cream in there and you've got a root beer float!

Ok, so besides water, what are you options? Herbal tea and coffee. Yes you heard right, I said coffee. Now mind you, all things in moderation please. There was a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in Omaha, Nebraska that measured how different combinations of water, coffee and other caffeinated beverages affected the hydration status of several adults who drank caffeine routinely. "We found no significant differences at all." "The purpose of the study was to find out if caffeine is dehydrating in healthy people who are drinking normal amounts of it, it's not."

Now you may have noticed I did not mention soda water. I really felt there was no need to mention a drink that just has no benefit at all. Soda water just has no value to me. I have yet to find one that just makes the nutrition nut in me go Wow, now this is definitely something that will benefit my health!

Also remember, God made each of us different, and we will each react to things differently. Caffeinated coffee causes stomach upsets in some people. For some, it makes them have the shakes, and for others, it has no effect. Always listen to your body and keep things in moderation.

Once more, just so you don't forget, WATER!!!


D.J. Little is a Christian wife, homeschool mom, outdoor enthusiast, and Certified Nutritional Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She enjoys simplicity, is passionate about all things health and fitness, is crazy for free weights, and says she has to force herself to do cardio. She can be reached at healthylittlelife@gmail.com.