Why a Clean Lifestyle rather than One Product is Necessary for Health


The health and wellness world can be so confusing. Everywhere we look, there is someone telling us we need another supplement or new product to fix all our problems and cure every sickness we have ever dealt with. It can be completely overwhelming just trying to decide what we actually do need, and what is just another product advertising in an excessively crowded market.

The Fundamentals

This is why it is so important to understand the fundamentals of health, and to be wary of man-made products that claim to fix our problems without actually addressing the real issues. If one person is deficient in magnesium and suffering from sleep deprivation as a result, and they hear that CBD oil helps with sleep and therefore start supplementing with CBD, they are probably not going to see the same results that they would see if they were to supplement with magnesium instead. Sure, it helped someone else sleep better; but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily help everyone!

It is also important to keep in mind that no single product can or will heal everything and relieve every symptom! I have seen so much of this is the heath and wellness world! Short of divine intervention, one thing alone will never be sufficient to effectively treat every health issue known to man!

Because, there is no single product or supplement or herb or oil that is actually going to make you healthy all by itself. Being healthy is a lifestyle: you can’t eat junk food all the time, never exercise, and forego regular sleep and then just take a daily multi vitamin and call it good!

If you have been following my posts over the past few weeks, then you know what I believe some of the fundamentals to be: eating whole, real foods; getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine; moving your body regularly; limiting toxins; getting plenty of consistent, restful sleep; limiting stress; being outward focused; and having a thankful heart.

When we move our focus away from products that are touted as “cure-alls” and put our focus instead on these fundamentals, we often find that health is not only much more attainable, but also certainly more affordable!

Is There Ever a Place for These Products?

I am definitely not saying that there is never a place for supplements or other products that can support our health. I am saying, however, that these should always be used exactly that way: to support our health, in addition, if necessary, to the basic, more important lifestyle habits that are the building blocks of that health.

We also have to keep in mind that the products we see everywhere are often being developed as a way for the company or person to make money. While this is not a bad thing on its own, we need to remember that it can lead to low-quality products that are often more harmful than beneficial. There are certainly exceptions to this rule: some companies and individuals have worked very hard to produce high-quality products that really work. Most of the time, these products are much more expensive, simply because it is nearly impossible to source enough quality ingredients and keep them in an optimal state to ensure the best product possible.

Do Your Research

Don’t fall for the supposed panaceas being pushed by companies just trying to make a buck. And don’t believe that each new product is necessarily what you need just because it helped someone else. Maybe it will help you too; but, in most cases, it will just be another place for your money to go!

Do your research! And when you do need to buy a supplement or other heath product, buy from companies with very high standards and good reviews from other people you trust.

So when it comes to health supplements and other products, again, do your research! Don’t believe every testimonial you hear or every review you read. Look at the ingredients, look at the production process, research the company’s policies and standards; and, most importantly, find out if you truly need this product in order to be healthy. More often than not, you don’t!