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"Having Abigail as my coach made a big difference in my success...It helped me emotionally not to give up when times were tough."

Past Coaching Client


How It Works

This is how working with me as your coach works!

Step #1

Schedule a completely free, no-obligation call with me to discover what your goals are in health and life, what is holding you back, what you can do to reach them, and if we would be a good fit to work together!

Step #2

Give yourself the tools you need to make lasting change by committing to a six-week or a twelve-week coaching program with me!

Step #3

Take advantage of weekly one-on-one coaching sessions from which you will walk away with a greater understanding of want you want in life, how to get there, and concrete action steps, accountability and support.

Step #4

Experience the fulfillment of having a new healthy identity and mindsets, and new healthy habits, and living in a victorious way!

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