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Being an expecting mom, a pregnant mom, or a new mom can be hard. Trying to find the time and energy to do all the things while feeling good enough to focus on what really matters is a real challenge at times!
And when we want to focus on our health, it can be hard to know where to start, and even harder to follow through with a plan.

This is why I am a health coach for pregnant and postpartum women! I can help you reach your goals and create the habits you need to sustain them.
Having a coach makes all the difference in the world. Let me help you feel and function at your best so you can fully experience the beauty of motherhood!

Mother Holding Baby Finger

"Having Abigail as my coach made a big difference in my success...It helped me emotionally not to give up when times were tough."

Past Coaching Client

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How It Works

Here's what I offer...

Free Consultation

Schedule a completely free, no-obligation call with me to discover what your goals are as a pre-pregnant, pregnant, or postpartum woman; what is holding you back; what you can do to reach those goals; and if we would be a good fit to work together!

Cost = $0

One-on-One Coaching

Give yourself the tools you need to make lasting change by committing to an eight week, ten week, or twelve week coaching program with me! One session per week, with bonus contact via email.

Cost = $97 per session when paid in full

(payment plans available)

Group Coaching

For those who don't need the personalization and accountability of one-on-one coaching, I offer group coaching sessions via video calls! Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Monthly Club Memberships

Coming soon...

a super-affordable monthly membership offering healthy and easy meal plans and recipes, workouts, time management tools, accountability, friendships... and more! All to help you save time and feel your best while you focus on that sweet new life.

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