• Abigail Smith

Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Dates

I love dates. Especially Medjool dates. They are so soft, sweet, and caramel-like, but just a fruit!

So naturally, when my Brady and I tasted some delicious, almond butter-stuffed, chocolate-covered dates at a little juice bar while on vacation in Florida, I knew I was going to recreate them at home!

And here they are! They are perfect for an afternoon snack or a healthy dessert after dinner. I used pink salt to sprinkle on top, but they are amazing with larger crystals of white salt as well!

Another perk is that they can be put together in about a half hour or less and then chilled until serving, so there isn't a whole lot of actual prep time involved!

To make the chocolate coating thicker and easier to deal with, let it sit for a few minutes after melting so that it thickens up a bit.

Hope you love these decadent little goodies!

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