• Abigail Smith

Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Are you one of those mamas who eats half the bowl of dough whenever you make chocolate chip cookies for your kids?

Growing up, when I'd make cookies, I typically would eat so much dough that I wouldn't even want a cookie once they were baked! Not a good idea...

Unless, of course, the cookie dough is healthy!

This cookie dough is so healthy you don't even have to bake it. In fact, don't bake it, because it doesn't have any eggs or flour and will turn into a hot puddle on the baking pan if you do!

I like to keep a batch of these cookie dough balls in the fridge, although I have to admit, they don't last long. In fact, only a portion of the dough even makes it to the fridge! But that's ok - the ingredients are good for you! (Well maybe peanut butter isn't the healthiest thing ever, but I use organic without any added ingredients except for salt).

Enjoy this chocolate chip cookie dough!

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